How to Etiquette Around Mealtime to Avoid Being Annoying

As someone with a keen interest in etiquette, I’ve often found myself baffled by the rules around mealtime. Do you leave your food on your plate after eating? Should you offer to help your parents with dishes or move your chair? It can seem like there are endless customs to observe, and unfortunately many of them can come across as annoying. Here are some tips to help you avoid being an annoyance in your own home: When dining with others, always remember that little things – like leaving your food on your plate – can add up. It’s much easier for everyone if everyone follows the same etiquette guidelines, so take the time to learn them. If you’re offered help with your meal, take it! Not only is it courteous, but it can save you a lot of time. When moving your chair, be considerate of your neighbours. If they’re seated in a spot where moving their chair would be too awkward, respect their space and don’t try to move it. If you’re unable to resist picking up a napkin and placing it back on your lap, try to do it discreetly. And if you’re really struggling to